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Thursday 24th January 2019

Creating an effortless service culture to increase customer loyalty

Sheffield Tap

Andy Naylor

Following a successful debut in November, Sheffield DM returned for its second bi-monthly digital meet-up on Thursday 24th January 2019. The subject this time round was the ever-evolving challenge of customer loyalty in the digital age.

Our special guest for the evening was Andy Naylor, an experienced accountant and customer services expert at – one of the world’s best-known bicycle companies.

Andy treated the Sheffield DM audience to a wealth of insights and methods that he and his team have used to modernise and drive long-term improvements in Raleigh’s customer experience.

A particularly interesting point, which stirred up a bit of debate, both at the event and on Twitter, was how over-delivering on customer expectation can actually have a negative ROI. Instead, customer experience strategy should focus on meeting expectations consistently to drive long lasting customer loyalty.

Andy’s excellent and in-depth presentation generated an impressive array of questions from the engaged audience in attendance, with productive discussion continuing for the remainder of the evening.

Online customer experience and loyalty management is just one of countless significant digital focus points that we will continue to explore in future Sheffield DM meet-ups.

Following the success of both our first and second Sheffield DM meet-ups, we are very excited as we begin preparations for our next event. The date is to be confirmed, but we have another exciting guest speaker lined up to take us through their own digital journey.

Stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to get the latest Sheffield DM updates. In the meantime, if you, or anyone you know, are interested in giving a presentation on your own digital marketing passion, get in touch any time at

We would like to thank Andy once again for taking the time to prepare and deliver his Sheffield DM talk, and would also like to thank everyone who joined us for another successful evening of digital discussion!

Andy Naylor

Andy is an experienced qualified accountant, digital marketer and customer experience expert working for Raleigh UK. Join us at Sheffield DM to learn how he modernised the Raleigh customer service experience to meet the challenges of the ever-changing digital world.