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Thursday 28th March 2019

Mad Men Vs The Social Network

Sheffield Tap

John Jackson

Picture by @jonegley

The third Sheffield DM meet up took place on Thursday 28th March and, once again, our guests were treated to an excellent presentation. This time, our special guest was John Jackson, Strategy Director at Epiphany Search, who treated the packed Sheffield Tap to a crash course on modern digital marketing strategy.

More specifically, why modern digital industry predictions are often very wrong.

Take this corker from the one and only Steve Jobs…

John’s talk revealed how wrong digital trend predictions can be, and how even the very best get it wrong from time to time.

Rather than trying to predict the future for the sake of being innovative, which can be a huge gamble to take with your marketing budget, John said how marketers should remember the tried and tested fundamentals of successful marketing.

John’s presentation looked at how seminal marketers such as Ogilvy and Bernbach developed simple but effective principles which are as relevant as ever in the digital age. These principles are…

  • Know your audience
  • Utilise data
  • Help people
  • Be memorable

This doesn’t just apply to advertising campaigns, but content marketing too. If your content doesn’t successfully inform, educate or entertain an audience that is well defined and well chosen, should it even be published?

The answer is no.

These are the fundamentals which, so far, have outlived almost every other trend, prediction or innovation in marketing.

People are naturally selfish, and marketing materials which offer them something tangible will always resonate more with them than material which aims to serve the advertiser.

One of John’s most striking slides outlined how out of touch marketers can be with the modern mainstream audience if time and care isn’t taken in getting to know them.

So how can this be applied to your marketing strategy? A smart strategist will never assume they know their audience without extensive research.

Just because a flashy new website style is on trend in the marketing community, does that mean your customers will also like it? It is impossible to know without finding out. This is the inherent danger in gambling on new trends.

Other interesting highlights

  • Over 50% of people online do not know the difference between organic and paid results in search engines
  • Around 60% of searches are no-click searches
  • Mobile CTRs (Click-through-rates) are dropping gradually

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Join us next time!

We would like to thank everyone who came along and helped make the third Sheffield DM event a success! We would also like to thank John for taking the time to put together and deliver such a fascinating and useful talk.

The next Sheffield DM will take place on May 30th. For more information, subscribe to our mailing list (form at the bottom of the page), or follow us on Twitter for updates.

See you next time!

John Jackson

John is an experienced marketer, knowledgable across all areas of digital including SEO, PPC, Display and Social, and is currently Strategy Director at Leeds-based Epiphany Search. Having worked with large clients in a multitude of industries such as Danone and SCS, John will be joining us at Sheffield DM to discuss the future of marketing trends and how the proven principles of the past might actually be of more value in our day-to-day marketing.