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Thursday 21st November 2019

Digital Marketing Meetup #6

Sheffield Tap

Edd Wilson & Joshua Hardwick

Sheffield DM is a year old! Doesn’t time fly? Over the course of 12 months and 6 digital marketing meet-ups, we have covered a range of digital marketing topics and had some of the best local marketing, business and data experts share their work and expertise with our attendees.

Here’s what happened at Sheffield DM #6!

User Centric Technical SEO: How to make your website structure work for your users

While it was Sheffield DM’s birthday, the real gift was for our attendees, who were treated to a double-header of SEO wizardry from two leading experts.

Our first special guest speaker was Edd Wilson, Senior Technical SEO Specialist at Impression, who presented his insights into how smart website structuring can benefit both user experience and search engine performance.

Edd’s presentation covered the following key areas of user-centric technical SEO:


Are you trying to target product terms? How much revenue is generated through organic product landing pages? Can you consolidate your product through your faceted filter/category pages?

Using platforms like DeepCrawl and Screaming Frog can help you test out pagination and review your internal linking structure. This will show you whether your product pages rely on paginated pages.

Click Depth

Click depth determines page importance more than URL structure.By reviewing pages by click-depth level, and combining your findings with search volume, PPC conversion rate and client/in-house knowledge, you can bolster your organic performance.

Edd’s team focused on improving internal linking structure and highlighting these pages earlier in the customer journey.

Document Outline

Take away your design/UX bias. Review your landing page document outline versus your organic competitors. Ensure your pages follow a structured approach.

Search Intent

Choose your page structure based on SERP analysis. Understanding Google’s search intend can allow you to choose the page structure and approach that is required to succeed in organic search.

Edd was kind enough to share his slides for you to use for reference! Please find these below.


3 Simple Ways to Build Awesome Links for Your Business

Anyone who works in SEO or Content Marketing will agree that securing high-quality links for your business is one of the trickiest areas to master. Fortunately, our headline speaker was here to help. Joshua Hardwick, Head of Content at Ahrefs, presented three tried and tested ways to build white-hat links for your business.

Guest Blogging

Most people try to guest blog by searching for “write for us” pages. This is wrong! It is time consuming, low quality, it often features on spammy websites, and they are likely inundated with requests from content marketers just like you.

Instead of chasing websites that are explicitly asking for guest posts, reach out to sites that talk about relevant topics. 

All sites want free content, regardless of whether they advertise that fact or not. It just needs to be high quality!

Developing high-quality content

Joshua shared a trick to come up with hundreds of high quality content ideas quickly. 

  1. Find a popular article on a BIG site
  2. Splinter the article into subtopics
  3. Each of these is a good topic for a standalone post
  4. Create multiple versions of the same post, with different perspectives
  5. Pitch more than you can handle!

Building broken links

Broken link building is where you find a broken (or dead) link, recreate the dead content, and ask anyone linking to that dead resource to link to yours instead!

Convert unlinked mentions and misspellings into links

Unlinked mentions of your websites may happen more often than you think. Using a platform such as Ahrefs, you can identify these unlinked mentions, and then reach out to ask the site owner to make your brand or website name clickable!


We even threw in some celebratory cakes!

No birthday celebration is complete without cake! We decided to treat our guests to a selection of delicious Sheffield DM cupcakes as a thank you for attending.

Needless to say, they didn’t last long!

The first year of Sheffield DM has been a learning experience for everyone involved, and the Sheffield DM team is proud of the growth we have seen, both in attendance and in conversation.

The Sheffield digital marketing community is alive and kicking, and we are proud to be a part of it.

We can’t wait to kick off 2020 with more of the same. Speaking of which…

Sheffield DM #7 - Thursday 23rd January 2020

Sheffield DM is back in 2020 with more exciting talks and a special Q&A Panel, discussing upcoming marketing trends in 2020 and beyond!

We welcome one and all back to the Sheffield Tap for an extra special Sheffield DM, featuring our very own Ash Young, who will be talking about starting and scaling successful eCommerce side projects.

We will also be hosting an exclusive Q&A panel, where Declan Reilly (Head of Search, SEO Works), Naomi Davies (Luxury Fashion Marketing Consultant) and Stephen Kenwright (Co-Founder, Rise At Seven), will be discussing digital marketing trends in 2020 and beyond.

You can register for the next event right now. As always, it’s free to attend and there will be a free drink with your name on it!